Universities win Senate fight over anti-P2P proposal

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Updated Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has withdrawn anti-file sharing legislation that had drawn yowls of protest from universities this week.

Reid, without explanation, on Monday nixed his own amendment that would have required colleges and universities--in exchange for federal funding--to use technology to "prevent the illegal downloading or peer-to-peer distribution of intellectual property."

Instead, Reid replaced it with a diluted version merely instructing higher ed institutions to advise their students not to commit copyright infringement and tell students what actions they're taking to prevent "unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material" through campus networks. The revised version was tacked onto the Higher Education Reauthorization Act on Tuesday, a Reid spokesman said in a telephone conversation, which the Senate then approved by a 95-0 vote.

The original version, which had more teeth, alarmed lobbyists for universities, which tend to be delighted to accept federal largesse but rather dislike the government placing conditions on the cash.

Even worse, in their opinion, must have been the additional requirement that the Department of Education annually identify the 25 colleges and universities receiving the "highest number of written" complaints from copyright owners.

Educause , a group that represents universities and related organizations, sent out an "URGENT CALL TO ACTION" on Friday that called Reid's original amendment "yet another attempt by the federal government to dictate the day-to-day operations of colleges and universities." It urged recipients to phone Congress immediately "and tell them how much higher education opposes this amendment."

It's unclear why the senator yanked his original anti-P2P amendment on Monday evening, but the most obvious explanation is that the last-minute pressure worked.

What's a little odd is that Reid offered a third version of the amendment earlier in the week. It said the Department of Education "shall not find any of the 25 institutions of higher education...to be ineligible for continued participation in a program authorized under this subchapter because of failure to comply with this section."

Translation: Universities could ignore the requirements of creating "a technology-based deterrent to prevent the illegal downloading or peer-to-peer distribution of intellectual property" without suffering any financial consequences. The only downside would be the potential for bad publicity, but even that appeared to prove worrisome enough.

The final version amends existing federal law that already deluges students with piles of paperwork they already never read on topics like faculty listings, special facilities for the handicapped, accreditation information, graduation rate statistics, campus crime reports, and so on. Now the piracy information will be added to the stack.

We should note that by "final," in true Washington fashion, we don't actually mean final. It may be final at the moment, but because the broader bill includes controversial components like $17 billion more on taxpayer-subsizied student loans and debt forgiveness, it may not necessarily become law. The House of Representatives has approved a different version of the law, and the Bush administration has said either version could amount to an unacceptable increase in spending.

Still, the Motion Picture Association of America seems to have decided that even the diluted final amendment is better than the current state of the law, and put a good face on the outcome. In a press release on Tuesday afternoon, the MPAA called the Senate vote a "major step" to combat piracy on campus, and included its estimate that movie piracy among students accounts for "more than half a billion dollars loss to the U.S. industry annually."


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SEC, meet the blogosphere

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Removing the last shreds of doubt that blogs have become a corporate phenomenon, Sun Microsystems President Jonathan Schwartz included regulatory disclaimers in a Monday posting about his company's planned acquisition of StorageTek for a net sum of about $3.1 billion.

He included in his blog the standard " safe harbor " disclaimer. "I was going to be frustrated at the requirement, until it occurred to me we'd just set a bit of corporate communications history--blogs are now an official communications vehicle at Sun. We should tell the SEC to update the regs," he said of the move, referring to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The disclaimer itself begins, "Jonathan's blog contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties," then descends into the typical disclosure litany.

Schwartz uses his blog to try to inject his company into conversations about the computing industry. And in Sunday's blog, Schwartz made a new attempt to do just that, suggesting Apple build its new x86 version of Mac OS X atop a foundation of Solaris. Apple today uses a combination of the Mach kernel and FreeBSD Unix for its operating system foundation.


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Google Maps adding photos

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If you have ever driven below 14th Street in Manhattan, anywhere in Boston or in the old cities of Europe, you are probably very aware that maps are only clues to finding your destination, not directions.

Roads descended from wagon trails can often be hidden down alleys, unexpectedly become one-ways, meander indiscriminately and start up again one block over from where they paused.

For this reason, many people direct by landmark, with street names in parentheses. And good luck if you are getting your directions from a non-human.

Google is adding photos to its Google Maps local search and Google Maps pages to solve this problem, according to the Google Blog .

Business owners can upload photos of their buildings and storefronts for free at the Google Local Business Center home page .

While it seems like Google has added some photos, there aren't many that I could find. The billboard and fire station that help you find the one-way Isabella Street in Bay Village, Boston, for example, has no photos and is still pretty hidden by trees on Google's hybrid map.

This may be another case of Google asking users to collectively help them build .


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Schwarzenegger blasts White House over environment

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It was purely coincidence but the release of a report on how businesses are using technology to reduce their carbon footprint came just as the price of a barrel of crude on the NYMEX topped $129 for the first time.

Energy waste is for girly men.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, flanked by a coterie of CEOs featured in the report , also used the occasion on Tuesday to shine the spotlight on private sector green initiatives. At the same time, he hammered the Bush administration's attentiveness to environmental issues.

"Washington is asleep at the wheel," he said in a brief appearance at the San Francisco offices of the Environmental Defense Fund .

Schwarzenegger, whose position on environmental questions is far to the left of his colleagues in the Republican Party, also blasted the administration for meddling in a long-running dispute over controlling tailpipe emissions in California.

Democrats and environmentalists have claimed that the White House influenced a decision by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson to deny California's waiver request so it could limit tailpipe emissions. At the time, the EPA said it did not have authority to get involved in questions regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. Supreme Court subsequently ruled that the agency did have that power and Schwarzenegger said the state planned to press ahead with its plans.

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz

"We're going to be like a bunch of 'Terminators' and march forward," said Schwarzenegger, who sported a green tie for the occasion. "It's as simple as that."

He also lauded the businesses that have embraced energy-saving policies. A handful of the companies featured in the EDF report turning out for the event included Sun Microsystems' Jonathan Schwartz, Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing; Casey Sheahan of Patagonia, SunPower's Richard Swanson; and Charles Kavitsky, chairman of the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company.

They were there to give voice to the findings of a 32-page report, which showcased 31 companies that have implemented so-called green initiatives that also have helped their bottom lines.

•  Solar-powered Web hosting An EPA estimate predicts that data center energy consumption will increase by 12 percent per year. Considering how the average data center can be 40 times more energy intensive than your basic office building, there's special urgency to break the cycle. Maybe it's still the exception to the rule, but Affordable Internet Services Online in Southern California powers its 2,000-square-foot building with power from 120 solar panels.

•  Advanced teleconferencing to reduce travel Both Cisco and Hewlett-Packard sell videoconferencing systems with life-size, real-time communications. These so-called telepresence systems are more immersive than previous generations of teleconferencing technologies and being offered as substitutes to travel.

•  Company-run travel Here's a stat that caught my eye. In the greater San Francisco area, more than 70 percent of commuters drive to work alone. As my old basketball coach was wont to say, "WTF?" The flip side of that equation is that more companies are offering free employee shuttle transportation. About one fourth of Google's local workforce arrives at the corporate headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., by shuttle.

•  Telecommuting More than 44 million Americans do at least some of their work outside of the office. The biggest adopters of telecommuting in the tech world are IBM and Sun Microsystems, which bought into the idea in the 1990s. Big Blue says that 40 percent of its global workforce work outside of a corporate office. At Sun, 20,000 employees work at home full-time or divide their work week between a company office and home office. Considering how much it costs to fill up on gas these days, Schwartz likened Sun's telecommuting policy to granting "a pay raise."


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Online grapevine likes Google-Napster rumor

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Here we go with yet another Google-related post, but, hey, Blogma is just covering what bloggers are covering ...

Despite Google's denial of a rumor it plans to acquire music download service Napster, the online grapevine continues to be loud and long on the subject.

Perhaps it's a matter of wishful thinking. Some bloggers are ready for competition in a field that seems dominated by iTunes. Or maybe acquiring Napster just seems like a likely next step for Google, particularly in light of an analyst prediction last week that Google would roll out an iTunes-type music download service within three to six months.

Blog community response:

"So if anyone can tidy up the Napster UI, take out the bugs, make their servers work and persuade more of those Luddite music companies to put their titles on Napster, well that someone would be Google. If it improves as much as Google Earth, Blogger and Picasa have I'll be a very happy man within a few months. The question is, since Napster is centered around Windows DRM, what would Google do to support all its die-hard Mac and Linux users?" -- The Long Dark Tech-Time of the Soul

"iTunes is certainly not the only option out there, nor are they the best option, but they are tops in the marketing department. What irks me so is that people are accepting this whole marriage of iPod/iTunes. iTunes is fine, but at least let me choose another player. Google will arrive on the scene with all their Googly goodness, not to mention massive marketing capabilities, and consumers will reap the benefits of competition." -- Broley

"It would be a hard pill for me to swallow if Google starts to sell music subscriptions. Smart people know music subscriptions are just a waste of money and just line the pockets of the music industry. It's not Google-like to be selling these rip off services to their customers." --Bob Bob on CNET News.com's Talkback


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Report: Overheating laptops weren't new to Dell

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Dell's problems with overheating or exploding notebooks date back several years and were somewhat more extensive than previously disclosed, according to a Wednesday report from CRN.

The company had been notified of more than a dozen notebooks that suffered damage from overheating before it issued a recall in late 2005 , rather than the three systems Dell said had encountered issues, according to an anonymous source quoted by CRN . Several systems were shown to Dell executives with a melted chassis, burn marks and warped plastic in different areas on the notebook, the report said.

A Dell representative declined to comment on the accuracy of the report but said the company takes all problems reported to its engineers very seriously. The representative pointed to issues with lithium ion batteries that led to the recall last year as the main culprit for the overheating issues, noting that these types of issues are not exclusive to Dell.

Unfortunately for the company, it was a Dell notebook that was recently captured bursting into flames in pictures posted onto the Internet. The fallout from that spectacular incident has created a headache for company executives already under siege with customer service complaints and market share losses.

Battery recalls are fairly common in the electronics industry. In the past year, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Apple Computer have all recalled batteries . Cell phone companies and digital-camera makers have also had problems with poorly designed or counterfeit batteries causing equipment damage and burns.


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Politicos: Let's ban in-flight cell phone chatter for good

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The thought of cell phone chatter on cramped commercial airplanes is so unappetizing to some politicians that they're pushing for a more lasting ban.

At the moment, of course, federal rules prohibit in-flight use of cell phones for safety reasons, and federal regulators have appeared loathe to reconsider that stance , at least in recent months.

The chief sponsors of the new Halting Airplane Noise to Give Us Peace --or Hang Up--Act, say their measure is necessary to keep things that way, particularly with the European Union's recent move to allow cell phone use on planes and more U.S. airlines experimenting with on-board Internet access .

"The public doesn't want to be subjected to people talking on their cell phones on an already overpacked airplane," said Rep. Peter DeFazio , one of the bill's chief sponsors. "However, with Internet access just around the corner on U.S. flights, it won't be long before the ban on voice communications on in-flight planes is lifted."

The bill, which is also backed by Reps. Jerry Costello , John Duncan , and Thomas Petri , would limit its ban to "voice communications using a mobile-communications device," according to a copy seen by CNET News.com.

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That means that as surfing the Internet, e-mailing, and text-messaging capabilities become available on planes, they'll be permitted. Talking on a "phone installed on an aircraft" would also be allowed.

Costello, who serves as chairman of a House aviation subcommittee, plans to hold hearings on the bill as soon as possible, according to a Contra Costa Times report .

To back up their position, the bill's sponsors cited a recent survey by the Association of Flight Attendants and the National Consumers League that found 63 percent of respondents opposed in-flight cell phone use.

The airline industry, for its part, would prefer not to keep its options open. The Air Transport Association, which represents all the major airlines, said in a statement quoted by the Contra Costa Times that decisions about in-flight communications "should be made by the individual airlines, based on passenger needs and preferences."


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